Tooth Whitening Methods and Products

In case you didn’t know it, there are a plethora of ways and products to keep teeth white and free of stains. The main thing that all of these methods fight are the stains on teeth that create a yellowish color. The methods and products include whitening toothpastes, whitening strips, and of course, dentist-administered teeth whitening treatments.

Whitening toothpastes generally include chemicals that help polish the teeth and get rid of stains. Some of them include the ingredient ‘blue covarine,’ which helps speed up the whitening process. It does this by sticking to the tooth’s surface and creating an optical effect where the teeth seem whiter. Whitening toothpastes also can be used alongside other whitening products. These products include whitening strips.
Whitening strips are made up of a material that sticks to teeth and is covered with hydrogen peroxide gel. You wrap the strips around the surface of your teeth.

The gel eventually breaks down when coming in contact with the moisture from the mouth. When that happens, some of the resulting acid helps break down stains, leading to whiter teeth. This breaking down of stains is similar to what toothpaste whitening does, but the strips can sometimes use slightly different ingredients than the toothpaste.

The types of teeth whitening products just keep going. As you’ll see in the following video there are even gums, powders, and machines.

Next, without a doubt, tooth whitening treatments administered by a Coral Springs dentist are probably the best option to help remove stains that are deeper in the tooth’s enamel. Because it is rather hard to remove these kinds of stains with toothpaste or whitening strips, dentists sometimes use treatment. The way this works is that a dentist will make sure the teeth are free of cavities and other dental problems, and then put a barrier on the gums. This barrier helps protect the gums from getting irritated by the bleaching gel during the treatment.

After this, the Coral Springs dentist will put a paste with hydrogen peroxide in it, on your teeth. Then they will rinse it off and repeat the process several times. Generally, the paste consists of a higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide than a whitening strip or a whitening toothpaste. This works very rapidly in producing a whiter shade of teeth.

There are also at-home treatments that a dentist could provide. It comes in the form of a kit. This involves putting a mouth tray with gel in it, in your mouth for a few hours or overnight. Sometimes this techniques is coupled with the technique in an office for better results.

There are a variety of tooth whitening techniques, and no matter which one you choose, know that you can trust each one to provide good results. Moreover, consulting with a dentist in Coral Springs FL is always a good idea if you have any specific questions about your teeth and which method is best for you.

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