Types of Chemicals to Control and Kill Common Home Pests

At our Coral Springs pest control service, we sometimes get questions about the types of chemicals used to rid your home of disease carrying pests.

If you have an infestation, a pest problem, or even are just tired of the amount of bugs you see around your Coral Springs home, then pesticides are the answer. With how common bugs are and how frequent people find issues with sharing a home with them, there are all sorts of pesticides to help cure you of any bug problems you have.

However, sometimes it’s hard to know which pesticide to get and what chemicals could be harmful to the other people and animals you would like to stay in your house.
This is why a professional is best if you’re seeking to find a pest control service provider in Coral Springs FL

So what types of chemicals are used to kill common household pests?

First off, a pesticide is used to kill and prevent further entry from certain types of bugs. It doesn’t even have to be bugs; it could be small rodents, fungi, or even plants that are unwanted or in the way. In order to pick the right type of pesticide you want to use, you have to know what type of pest you’re trying to get rid of.

Some chemicals may work for bugs, but may have no effect on plants. Some chemicals that work on plants may have a damaging effect on your lawn. In order to get the best results, you have to know what you want and what you’re looking for in a pesticide. This is where the post control pros can help.

For example, in order to kill pests of the insect type, then you want insecticide. These kill all sorts of bugs and any sort of Florida termites and arthropods. If you have an infestation of mites that cling to animals and plants, then miticide is what you want to invest in. If your problem is smaller than normal bugs, then you want to look into microbial pesticides. These types of chemicals get rid of both the pests like insects, as well as microorganisms. While microorganisms can kill bugs and eat all their food, they tend to multiply and get out of hand, so they must be taken care of as well.

If your problem is something of the outdoors nature, then you don’t want to get rid of the bugs in their natural habitat. You might want, however, to keep them away from you or prevent them from stinging or biting you. This is a chemical called repellent. It keeps all insects away from you and those around you like the disease-carrying mosquito. Repellent can even keep birds away, depending on the type of repellent you use.

If you want to rid yourself of the bugs but don’t want to harm them, then pheromones are what you need. They are a biochemical product that can disrupt the mating cycle of the pest you’re trying to get rid of. That way they don’t multiply and dwindle out on their own.